Tripods Levelling Base

Leofoto -65mm Leveling Base for Tripod-LB-65

Rs. 9,700 Rs. 7,760
A levelling base on your tripod ls the perfect foundation for gimbal heads. fluid heads and even ball heads
lncluded 3 set-screws on the spider to secure the ballhead mounted on the tripod(turn the set-screws upwards with the included allen wrech to secure the ballhead on top).
Screw the leveling base onto the platform of your tripod. or any mounting platform onto which you want to mount a leveling base to. Twist the handle to lock a unlock the base. The fluid motion allows smooth and fast leveling, no matter the load. Additionally, this locking ring gives the user greater leverage for better lock-up.
This Leveling Base is designed to be compatible with all tripods. lt has a /8"-16 socket on the bottom, along it to be screwed on to any mounting platform with a stud of the same size and thread call-out (3/8"-16).
Use included allen key to strengthen the locking when the heavy-lifting needed.

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