Geared Head

Leofoto Geared Head G4 pro

Rs. 70,000 Rs. 55,000
Pitch (perspective control) , Roll (leveling) and Yaw (panning) can be achieved via the use of geared design in these 3 direc- tions, allow independent control as well as precise movement to achieve pinpoint composition often required by architectur- al and product macro photographers. By releasing the pitch/roll quick release lever, one can have quick adjustments in the respective pitch/roll axis, then lock it, and use the large knobs for final precise adjustments.
The horizontal, tilt and vertical axes are controlled separately. These mechanisms are located below the camera and allow you to search for the best level before taking pictures. Some photographers use them as inseparable micron motion patella to appreciate their compactness and the extreme accuracy of micron motion, especially in architecture and studios.
This head can rotate the camera with great precision and does not move any angle at all.
Compact and lightweight
20Kg stated maximum payload Optional geared 360 degrees Compatible with Arca-Swiss style components.

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