Geared Head

Leofoto Geared Head-GW-01

Rs. 28,000 Rs. 22,400
The GW-01 is designed to offer precision control of camera movement and is ideal for studio still life photographers as well
as those landscape photographers chasing golden hours at sunrise and sunset. The GW-01 delivers separate, precision
movement in three directions. The conrols allow the user to quickly se he camera posiion before using the large control
knobs to apply minute movements guaranteeing absolute pre-cision positioning or that perfectly framed shot
The head can be rotated 360°, tilted 90° forwards or 30° ba-ckwards, as well as 90° sideways for portrait orientation. Each
of these three movements function independently of each other and have individual, snap-lock knobs with easy-to-turn,
4-star grips. Turning each snap-lock knob allows the corres-ponding movement to be rapidly adjusted, and once the knob
is released, the adjustment is locked into place.
To further promote fasl and repeatable device positioning, this GW-01 3-Way, Geared Pan-and-Tilt Head also includes dedi-
cated angle scales for each movemenl that are designed for easy visibility.
It controls 3 directions seperatey.The head can be rotated 360°, tilted 90° forwards or 30° backwards, as well as 90° sideways for portrait orientatio

Model: GW-01
Weight: 1 kg
Max Payload: 8kg
Base diameter : 58mm

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