Geared Head

Leofoto Gimbal Head Pg-3

Rs. 61,000 Rs. 48,800
A cabon fiber gimbal with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and separate locks B tension controls.ldeal for bird watching, sports photography, telescope and other outdoor scenarios.
Torray 10O.% 10 layer Caron fiber leg tubes feature cross rohmbus structure for greater strength, stability and less vibration.
Simple but extra ordinary
PG series head is mainly designed for heavy duty longlens. lt can rotate easily with heavy duty long lens on it,and also keeps the system' s gravity center. lt is not only faster and stable compared with traditional ballhead, but also allow adjustment of lens in all sides. The sturdy gimble part provides absolutely safe support for- photographic gear. The vertical control knob which has constant drag design allows vertical angel adjustment for cameras and lenses,The dual safety recess design quick release system provides greal stability.The included Dove-tail quick release plate has 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting bolts and removable spring loaded anti twist pin, Since many long lenses  have two tripod ports (one of each size), connecting both drasticály improves stability and eliminates any possible twisting on the plate, A locating mark on the plate aliğns a laser-etched scale on the gimbal, allowing you to repeatidly mount a rig to the PG-3 in precisely the correct spot for proper balance, 

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