Wings of god Series

Leofoto LG-284C+LH-36R

Rs. 86,000 Rs. 68,800
  • Designed with Mr.Q's spider and Poseidon's locking system, Gabriel own all Mr.Q's functions and sand-proof and water -proof features. They are the perfect choices for the customers who pursue functions and product appearance.
  • LuciferApex platform,takes a radical approach by abandoning the traditional "o" shapeinto a brand new shape.A creatively bold open platform, allows easy deployment of all accessories.
  • CNC machined from TOT5 Aluminum spider makes the tripod strong and durable
  • Center Column Is Complimentry
  • Wing Style twist Locking With anti-slip pds for optimum feel and grip
  • On the center column, there are 2 Allen screws (#1 ,2) o prevent the mounting base from twisting and 1
    Allen screw (#3) o prevent the ballhead from twisting.
  • It only takes 3 seconds to remove and attach center column
Key Features
Platform diameter - 5Omm
Center column diameter: 25mm/28mm
Center column Height; 310mm
10 Layer carbon fiber leg tubes
Titanium alloy feet
Titanium alloy tube plug
Titanium foot spikes
Water and Sandproof


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