Ranger Series Tripod

Leofoto-LS-365CEX+PG-1 (Full Camouflage)

Rs. 121,000 Rs. 108,900
A Born Disguiser
Easy to Handle and use
Featuring an intergrated levelling base,which increases the flexibility of tripods on uneven terrains, this allows levelling to be done easily without the need to adjust the tripod legs.
loosen the lever to level the half ball.
This compact Gimbal Head attachment is a great alternative when you have to travel light. At only 6.s pounds This text was recognized by the built-in Ocrad engine. A better transcription may be attained by right clicking on the selection and changing the OCR engine to "Tesseract" (under the "Language" menu). This message can be removed in the future by unchecking "OCR Disclaimer" (under the Options menu). More info: http://projectnaptha.com/ocrad
The camouflage color is so perfectly integrated with its "habitat" that you barely notice its presence.
TRIPOD- LS-365CEX (Camou)
Maximum Height-61.22"/1555mm and Minimum Height- 4.02"/102mm
Folded Length-20.28"/515mm
Leg Section-5
Maximum Load-15kg
10 layer carbon fiber tubes

Base diameter-60mm
Mounting Screw UNC3/8"
Maximum Load-25kg

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