Leofoto Mini Follow Focus-LFF-01

Rs. 15,900 Rs. 12,720
The Mini Follow Focus is made as a single unit with the ability to adjust the single rod attachment to fit any sized cine lens or photo lens, The single rod attachment mounts to any standard 15mm rail. Lightweight a Compact, Simulated Lens Damping. The Focus wheel features a 360 degree rotation with adjustable hard stops. The focus wheel also features a fluid dampening system that helps with precision focusing. The marking disk is removable and can be marked and cleaned for repeated use.
Wide Range of Compatibility Compatibility th most mor camera brands, Adjust the gear size or the rod holder's angle lo mt your setup no

Anti-slip Focus Knob
Provides sweat-proof, anti-skid and delicate damping feel

Adjustable A / B stops helps quickly set a focus length as needed.
Highly Compatible w DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras
The snap-on follow focus gear ring supports lens with a maximum diameter of 1 14mm
Drives lens through friction -an includedsnap-on gearring makes it compatible with lenses of varying diameters.The included 43T follow focus gear rubber coat drives lensesby friction independently , solving theproblem of replacing focus gears whenusing different lenses 


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